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Rebuilding the Foundation After the Fire

Nathalie Godbout Interview for MetSpacer’s Spotlight

Nathalie Godbout founder and owner of Harmony Chiropractic has been a MetSpace member since January 2020. With her work in the chiropractic industry we sat down with her to learn more about her business and why she chose MetSpace. Nathalie started her career as a chiropractor 25 years ago. She practiced in Gaspésie for 23 years and decided to move to the big city of Montreal to start her new business. ‘Becoming a chiropractor and starting on my own was the best business decision I ever made’ said Nathalie. ‘At the time when I first started my business, I didn’t have time to be scared. I was a single mother and had to take care of my son and my father. I was in survival mode; I needed a space to practice. I bought a space in Gaspésie and opened within two months.’

When asked about the skills she had learned during her career Godbout simply stated ‘the ability to listen. To stop and listen to what people are saying makes a huge difference in people feeling truly heard and to gather information about their future diagnosis. The ability to actually hear what people are saying is valid in any business.’

The chiropractic industry has made incredible changes since Godbout received her license. ‘When I started as a chiropractor, we were very much fringe. We were not recognized as professionals. Now the new generation is able to have that recognition. They can now be labeled as health professionals.’

During our interview we asked Nathalie that if, as a professional, there were any mistakes she had made in her career. ‘Probably hiring the wrong staff and staff management decisions. I had to put in place boundaries and structure in my schedule that was respectful of my needs. Sometimes hiring the wrong person teaches you more of what you require than the wrong one’. When it comes to having a work life balance ‘is to make sure my house and my clinic were never in the same location. Once I went home, I was home, I left everything in the office and didn’t bring my work with me’ said Godbout.

‘My vision for chiropractors is that we would be recognized as the go to experts for neuro-musculo- skeletal problems. Anything that incorporates how your brain and your body is working should be managed by a chiropractor. Your medical doctor is amazing at managing all the organ breakdowns and diseases. Chiropractors have a special expertise on how the nervous system functions and how it works. Chiropractic bases itself on the ability for your body to heal itself. Medication is an outside force going in that changes your normal reaction. Medicines are like amazing firemen, they put out fires which I’m so grateful for. However, they’re not the specialist at rebuilding. As a chiropractor that’s what I enjoy the most the rebuilding part. It’s about the regrowing process, as chiropractors we just impart a little bit of that regenerative force that helps spark up that growth again.’ When asked about her thoughts on chiropractors becoming the go to experts on neuro-muskulo-skeletal issues Godbout said ‘I think it’s going to be a slow process especially in Quebec, we have been battling for those rights for a long time. One big step was taken in early November, chiropractors are now going to be allowed to prescribe MRIs, CT Scans and ultrasounds as of 2021. We have been waiting to do this in Quebec for the last 10 years. This is going to dramatically help patients if we can have access to that because it’s going to shorten the pressure on the public health system’.

Godbout became a MetSpace member in January 2020 and hasn’t regretted her decision to open her practice in the west island. ‘MetSpace has been such a blessing. I come from being my own boss, owning a building and running my show for 22 years. I have had my own staff and having to organize everything myself. I sold everything and one of the yearnings I had when I came to Montreal was to work with a team. I didn’t want to be the sole person responsible for everything anymore. That team aspect was what I was looking for. I looked into MetSpace and it’s been so much more than what I expected. When I walked in, I needed a space and I needed an area that was welcoming and efficient for my care. What I didn’t expect was to find this family atmosphere and the level of support that I found. As a healthcare professional I have certain regulations I have to abide by for safety protocols, confidentiality and so on. Every step of the way Caterina and Paolo were super supportive and asked what needs I had to have met to be a part of the MetSpace community. They have created this family atmosphere, this connection and comradery with the different people who work in this space. Making sure to network and connect everyone to each other. They make sure that the dynamic in the space is one of support, help and joy. It’s an extremely pleasant space to work in and MetSpace is way beyond what my prospects were.

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