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Coworking in Saint-Leonard


the best place to cowork in Montreal!

Are you looking for the perfect location to start coworking in Saint-Leonard? Search no more, metspace is the best place to cowork in Montreal!


Our coworking space community is a stimulating place for Montreal professionals and entrepreneurs. There is no better location when it comes to collaborative communities in the Greater Montreal area.

Metspace is committed to creating a community that relies on the collaboration between passionate individuals, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and professionals. We are proud to welcome all the professionals looking for a community that will propel them toward their success!

Here is what we offer to all our members:

  • A coworking space rental which includes complete office facilities;
  • Professional and welcoming staff;
  • Direct access to a great number of networking events thanks to our network of professionals looking for a growth platform;

Metspace is a location for coworking in Saint-Leonard of unrivaled quality. Find out now all the advantages that you’ll benefit from by becoming a member of our collaborative community.

The advantages of becoming a member of metspace

The main advantage of renting your coworking space with us is that as soon as you arrive, you are welcomed and become part of a great collaborative family. The networking opportunities offered by our communities, as well as our events, are an undeniable advantage for entrepreneurs. With metspace, you can quickly start building a reliable business network and quality links.

Furthermore, our coworking space in Saint-Leonard offers several more advantages, such as:

  • Achieving your goals faster;
  • Access to ultramodern offices and coworking spaces tailored to the reality and needs of today’s professionals;
  • The possibility to grow personally and professionally within an exceptional collaborative community.

We also provide several services to our members. Discover all the services offered by our coworking space in Saint-Leonard.


Coworking in Saint-Leonard: Our Services

We go the extra mile to foster the success of our members. metspace is not just a regular coworking office, where the only advantage is free coffee! While we definitely provide you with free, delicious coffee, we also offer so much more than that!

When we committed to creating an outstanding coworking space, we had the goal of revisiting the entire concept of coworking. Our mission was to offer unparalleled support to our members in all conceivable ways. We understand that the growth of our community depends on its members. This is why we put all of our efforts toward your professional and personal success.

Other than free coffee, you will also have access to several networking events such as:

  • cocktails evenings;
  • metspire events;
  • lunch-and-learn sessions;
  • annual outings;
  • BBQ festival in summer.

All of these activities have been created to propel you toward your success!

Within our community, you’ll also have access to services such as:

  • Top-quality high-speed Internet;
  • Private parking;
  • Private phone booth;
  • Welcoming and professional receptionist;
  • Shredder;
  • Audiovisual equipment;
  • Mail management;
  • Maintenance and cleaning.

Metspace: Your Coworking Space in Saint-Leonard

Why should you consider our coworking space rentals in Saint-Leonard?

Because we offer so many advantages and services geared toward the success of our members.

We are easily accessible and offer:

  • 15 private suites;
  • 6 open spaces offices;
  • 3 spacious conference rooms;
  • A significant number of networking and group events;
  • Conferences and guest speakers;
  • A lounge equipped with cable TV, couches and chairs in an open space;
  • A kitchen equipped with a microwave, fridge, and freezer;
  • Coffee, tea, water.

Metspace is more than a simple coworking space in Saint-Leonard. We are a community of professionals committed to propelling you toward your personal and professional success.

Browse our flexible coworking space packages and become a metspacer today!

If you have a question about coworking in Saint-Leonard, contact us. An experienced member of our community will gladly take the call and answer all of your questions.