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7 Amazing Coworking Office Spaces Around the World

Coworking office spaces play a critical part for those who are self employed and looking for a space to work. This includes those looking to network, for inspiration, or a safe space to get some hard work done.

There are some amazing coworking office spaces around the world that are just waiting to be discovered. We have created a list of the top 7 best locations. Your work needs are answered for the next time you travel.

Where will you work next? Montreal? Maybe Dubai? Now, let’s begin!

1. The Farm SOHO: New York City, USA

The Farm SOHO is the epitome of working for yourself in New York City. With 3 locations all in the heart of SOHO, it’s the place to be. Every location is built from the material of a dismantled Missouri barn for an organic and natural aesthetic.

Not only pet friendly, but this coworking office space is productive, chic, and very New York.

2. Canopy Coworking Space: San Francisco, USA

Three different locations mark the sport of this San Francisco work hub. Canopy Coworking Space is a favorite among local freelancers, digital nomads, agile companies, and entrepreneurs. This creative space offers an open concept that is distraction-free and offers concierge services.

3. Metspace: Montreal, Canada

Of course we are is on our list!  Metspace is a coworking space in Montreal that is offering everything you need to get your work done. It has a classic Montreal architecture and a clean and focused look compared to other coworking office spaces. We offer the tools and equipment necessary for almost any project. Including camera and video equipment, private calling booths, private offices, and meeting rooms.

Metspace is elegant and modern with an ambiance of inspiration for the hard-worker at heart.

4. Beachhub: Huh, Phangan, Thailand

This beachfront coworking office space sets a new bar as it combines peace and tranquility with focus and hard work. People can feel productive and calm as they watch the ocean view.

Beachhub is not only loved for its view, it is a good workspace too! They offer amazing amenities including access to the beach and one of the best restaurants in Thailand, Karma Beach Kafe.

5. NeueHouse, Hollywood USA

NeueHouse is the image of old Hollywood glamour meets modern day LA hustle. This coworking office space has it all, including celebrity names. People from the film, fashion, and publishing industries are often found networking.

There are several stories of shared office space. They offer outdoor terraces, private office space, and recording studios used by Bob Dylan, Lucille Ball and other legends. This is one of the most talked about coworking office spaces!

6. Factory Berlin: Berlin, Germany

With over 16,ooo square meters of work space, Factory Berlin is buzzing with entrepreneurs and business oriented faces. Some of the top technology businesses find refuge here amongst other business savvy people.

Known as the “business club,” Factory Berlin is the best networking location in Berlin. Offering facilities including yoga lessons, flex desks, and outdoor patios, this is a must on any entrepreneurs bucket list.

7. B.Building Business: Amsterdam, Netherlands

At B.Building Business, you can see the amazing views onlooking Amsterdam. Members are treated with the finest amenities. These include access to a gym classes, a rooftop garden, events, a photo studio, and daily lunch.

This coworking office space is extremely aesthetically pleasing, but there is more. It is the optimal for networking, socializing, and getting the job done.

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