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virtual offices in Montreal

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Virtual Offices in Montreal

Starting a business is easy, but sustaining it and taking it to the next level is not. Are you looking for a way to take your business to the next ...
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Shared Office Space in Montreal

Finding the Perfect Shared Office Space in Montreal – A Guide to Metspace

Montreal, the second-largest city in Canada, has a dynamic economy that caters to various business types. If you’re running a startup, freelancing, or working remotely and seeking a flexible workspace, ...
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affordable virtual mailbox services

How a Virtual Mailbox in West Island and East End can transform your Business

For businesses in West Island, managing mail and packages can be a daunting task. The traditional mailbox is no longer sufficient to meet the needs of today’s businesses, especially those ...
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The Benefits of Choosing a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes. For many, the idea of working in a traditional office space can seem outdated and inefficient, especially when there ...
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What Makes a Great Co-Working Space?

Co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular as people recognize the advantages of shared workspaces. They provide an environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and productivity. But what makes a great co-working ...
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Why Coworking Spaces are a Great Option for Startups

The world of startups has changed dramatically in the last decade and it’s no wonder why coworking spaces have grown in popularity. Not only do coworking spaces provide a professional ...
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The Benefits of Working in a shared office space Montreal

Are you looking to work in a space that is inspiring, collaborative, and empowering? If so, then a co-working space may be for you. Co-working spaces are popping up all ...
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Group Of Students In Library Collaborating On Project

Embrace The Future of Work with Metspace by Getting Coworking Spaces 

With the ‘new normal’ bringing several changes to our lives, coworking spaces have become a must-have for working professionals. Metspace is here with their amazing solutions in Montreal that are ...
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Metspace Employment

Part-Time Community Associate of coworking center

ABOUT US metspace Co-travail is the new generation of Co-travail spaces; redefining what community and collaborative work is all about!  Our goal is to open 5 new locations in the ...
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Metspacer Spotlight with 10|20 Marketing

Metspacer Spotlight had the pleasure of sitting down with Mark Goren, founder of 10|20 Marketing. Mark started down his path in marketing when he first attended Concordia University here in ...
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Metspacer Collaborator Spotlight with Teracon

Metspacer Spotlight: How did Teracon start? How long have you been with this company? Tony Giancola: Teracon started in 2002. The company had real-estate investors that required management for their ...
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Metspacer Spotlight with Coach Easy

Finding the perfect sports coach for your child is never easy. Rainier Narine founder and co-owner of Coach Easy had been looking for a skating coach for his son for ...
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