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One of the main advantages of renting your coworking space with metspace is that you’ll be part of our growing collaborative family. The networking opportunities are an undeniable advantage, and will allow you to build a reliable business network as well as establish quality relationships. Our metspace network is constantly expanding with professionals from all business sectors who are ready to collaborate. Reach out and connect today !

Company Name Telephone Website Business Category Contact
10|20 Marketing 1-888-388-1020 Marketing Send Message
AgroWorld Precision Agriculture Inc 514-691-8732 Technology/Technologie – Agriculture, Home & Garden Send Message
Avenue Recrutement Inc. 514-880-2288 Human Resources/Ressources humaines - Recruitment Send Message
Brand of a Leader 514-995 5366 Personal Branding Agency Send Message
BT-Consulting 514-559 2535 Technology/Technologie Send Message
CoachEasy 514-980 4069 Technology/Technologie Send Message
Efenefe 514-777 9886 Marketing / Web Design Send Message
EMAK Telecom 514-400 0226 ext. 111 Technology/Technologie Send Message
FlairsTech 514-535 0156 Technology/Technologie Send Message
Gemm Products Inc. 514-889 9298 Hospitality and Promotional Send Message
Groupe Conseil LogiPME 438-881-8833 Accounting/Comptabilité Send Message
Harmonie Chiropratique 514-447 9446 Health/Santé Send Message
HELPY Media 514-297 4044 Marketing Send Message
K & Co. 514-945 9330 Marketing / PR - Business Development Send Message
Kerosene recrutement Finance et Comptabilite 514-963 4821 Human Resources/Ressources humaines Send Message
Ménage-Pro 514-663 6243 Cleaning Services Send Message
Nord Marketing 514-945 9900 Marketing Send Message
Notarial Office Saltarelli Inc. 450-232-5552 Legal services Send Message
Ontrax Services 514-345 2050 Technology/Technologie Send Message
Orbit Technologies Inc. 514-856 0451 Technology/Technologie - Electronic Manufacturing Services Send Message
Prius Pharma 514-775-0812 Health/Santé Send Message
Pro Spray Montreal 514-400 4514 Painting Services Send Message
Q Newhouse Structured Coaching Strategies, Inc. 438-333 1590 Business/Life/Sport Coaching and GrantWriting Send Message
RSMEDIA 514-258 5112 Web & Print Design Send Message
SESKAL Concrete and Coatings Solutions Concrete Waterproofing and Protective Nanocoatings Send Message
Seskal Concrete Solutions 514-592-9030 Construction Send Message
Three Sheets Inc. 514-374 3387 Manufacturing Send Message
Umlaut Group Inc 514-245 6789 Technology/Technologie Send Message